Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Sacro provides a wide range of Criminal Justice Services, all of which are aimed at safeguarding communities and reducing offending within the community. These services work mainly with offenders and their families to support and assist them in addressing the issues which cause, or may cause them to offend.

Criminal Justice

Adult Restorative Justice

Sacro’s Restorative Justice Service provides the Procurator Fiscal with an alternative to prosecution. Court proceedings are put on hold while Sacro establishes, through dialogue with the parties involved, if they can reach and complete an action plan more acceptable to them than court.

Alcohol Throughcare Service

Ayrshire Alcohol Throughcare Service (AATS) is a voluntary service that has been designed to assist and help prisoners under the age of 30 who have been convicted of a second offence related to alcohol and require a little help to make a fresh start.
A Sacro support worker will work with you for a minimum of six weeks prior to your release from custody and continue to work with you for at least another six weeks post release.

Another Way Service

Sacro's Another Way service works with any woman at risk of or involved in sex work.

Arrest Referral Service

The Arrest Referral Service engages with people at the point of arrest whose offending is linked to drug or alcohol misuse. By seeing the offender as soon as they are arrested, Sacro can offer them a pathway into harm reduction, treatment and rehabilitation services.

Bail Curfew

Sacro’s Bail Curfew Service provides a curfew service between 7pm and 7am the following day in support of Bail Officers supervising Bail Supervision. The Service is managed by Glasgow Criminal Justice Social Work, Court Bail Office in conjunction with Sacro.

Bail Services

Supervised Bail is a direct alternative to being remanded in custody and is designed to reduce the risk of offending while on bail.

Bright Choices

Bright Choices provides a range of services to individuals and families who are affected by Honour Abuse and Honour-Based Violence (HBV).

Circles of Support and Accountability

“Offenders who desist are more likely to maintain an offence free life if communities acknowledge and reward the change through inclusion” (Maruna and McNeill (2007)

We live in a society where sexual abuse provokes powerful responses within communities. The successful rehabilitation and reintegration of someone who commits sexual offences requires consideration of their needs, those of their victims and the community in which they live. Social isolation and emotional loneliness are key factors in increasing the risk of reoffending.

Community Payback Service

Sacro’s Community Payback Service works with people who have been involved in offending or anti-social behaviour. In partnership with the local authority, our officers supervise individuals placed on a Community Payback Order, giving them an opportunity to give something back to the community by providing a service of real benefit. The service is available in Glasgow and Peterhead.

Early and Effective Intervention

Lanarkshire’s Early and Effective Intervention provides support for women who are at risk of offending due to their lifestyle choices and behaviours.


Fearless works with survivors of domestic abuse over 16 years old of all races, religions, beliefs, abilities, gender identities, sexes or sexual orientations.

New Routes


New Routes – A Scotland wide public social partnership offering a Mentoring Service to young male prolific offenders.


Outreach Support Service

Aberdeen Outreach Support Service provides support for people with convictions who need assistance with re-settling into the community.

Self-directed Intensive Support Service

Sacro’s Self-Directed Intensive Support Service focuses on maximising outcomes for Supported People including promoting independence and reducing over-support.


Shine is a national mentoring service for women offenders. The service is provided as a public social partnership (PSP); a strategic partnership between public and voluntary sector organisations. Sacro is the lead delivery partner and works with seven other voluntary sector agencies: Access to Industry, Apex Scotland, Barnardos, Circle Scotland, Turning Point Scotland, Venture Trust and The Wise Group. 

STOP (Anti-sectarianism / hate crime services)

STOP (Sacro Tackling Offending Prejudices) provides diversion from prosecution programmes that provides the Procurator Fiscal (PF), Sheriffs and Early & Effective Intervention (EEI) teams with alternatives to prosecution. Court proceedings are put on hold whilst the person referred completes a Cognitive Behavioural programme to help them identify their attitudes and behaviours in relation to sectarianism, and how to use this knowledge to avoid similar offending in future.

Supported Accommodation Service

Sacro’s Supported Accommodation Service helps to reduce the risk of re-offending by assisting people with convictions to live independently within the community in their own accommodation.

Supported Tenancy Service

Sacro’s Supported Tenancy Service in Aberdeen is a housing support service for people with mental ill health who have been involved in the Criminal Justice System.

Supporting Prisoners Advice Network

The Supporting Prisoners Advice Network (SPAN) service is funded by Big Lottery and provides much-needed housing advice and support for offenders who are liberated from prison and are not eligible for statutory support. It is a partnership project with Shelter Scotland, Inverness CAB (Citizen’s Advice Bureau) and Sacro providing support to offenders, and their families, in HMP Perth, Grampian and Inverness.

Throughcare Service

This service provides advice, guidance and assistance to prisoners and their families before and after release. It helps their reintegration into the community and reduces the risk of further offending.

Travel Service

Sacro’s Travel Service provides transport from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Scottish prisons, Murray Royal Hospital and the State Hospital at Carstairs.

Veterans Mentoring Service

Sacro's Veterans Mentoring Service is a service for military veterans who are currently in or are on the periphery of the criminal justice system. The service will work closely with the veteran to put an intensive support plan in place where strategies can be developed to cope with their specific needs. The aim of the service is to enable the service user to enjoy sustainable, independent living.

Women's Mentoring Service

Sacro's Women’s Mentoring Service provides a mentor who helps women build their self-esteem and confidence. Mentors are able to offer both practical and emotional support. The service helps women to develop their independence and quality of life, improve their social skills and motivation and work towards addressing a life free of offending.