Travel Service

Travel Service

Sacro’s Travel Service provides transport from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Scottish prisons, Murray Royal Hospital and the State Hospital at Carstairs.

What does the service offer?

Sacro provides transport to enable prisoners and patients to maintain contact with their families and friends. This contact will help sustain family relationships and facilitate the prisoners’ re-integration to the community on release.

How does the service work?

Experienced volunteer drivers provide a service from Edinburgh to many prisons in Scotland.

The Glasgow office operates a timetabled bus service to both HMP Shotts and Carstairs State Hospital.

Sacro staff can also provide directions to prisons, contacts and procedures for visiting.

Who is the service aimed at?

The service is available to members of the public who have family or friends in prison, Murray Royal Hospital or the State Hospital.

How is the service accessed?

Bookings should be made in advance through the local Sacro office in Glasgow or Edinburgh. If a fare is required, the passenger will be informed and should pay the driver. This fare may be refunded by the Assisted Prison Visiting Unit.