Authorities Served

Clackmannanshire, Falkirk, Stirling


079 6750 7105



Restorative Justice Service (RJ) receives referrals from the Children’s Reporter service on young people reported by the police for offending behaviour. Social Work Services also refer into this service young people at the lower end of offending.


To contribute to community safety by providing a constructive method of addressing offending/anti social behaviour by young people (aged 11 to 15 inclusive) within their communities and diverting them from formal measures of intervention.


  • To offer the opportunity for young people to consider the consequences of their actions and to make amends for their wrong doing.
  • To offer persons harmed the opportunity to impress on the young person the impact of his/her behaviour and to be involved in the resolution of the crime.
  • To involve parents of young offenders in the resolution of the crime.
  • To involve the community, whether as individuals, groups or agencies, in the agreed outcome.
  • To assist the young person in developing an understanding of their and others emotions, particularly those of persons harmed by their actions.
  • To assist young people to understand the direct link between the ways that they think and the way they behave.
  • To engage the young person in examining the causes and consequences of their offending/anti social behaviour.
  • To engage the young person in learning the skills of solving problems in their lives.

For further information on the service please contact Craig French cfrench@sacro.org.uk