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Falkirk Youth Justice Service provides Restorative and Early and Effective Intervention focused programmes to assist Young People in addressing offending behaviour.

The Service works directly with Young People who offend and provide cognitive behaviour support interventions.

Falkirk Youth Justice Service uses restorative principles to address behaviour in a way which empowers the people harmed, those responsible and the wider community members in order to resolve issues in a constructive way.

What do Youth Restorative Services involve?

  • Restorative Justice Conferencing – young people, their families and the people harmed actively address the harm caused by an offence.
  • Face to Face Meetings – bring together a young person and the person they have harmed so that the harm caused can be actively addressed.
  • Shuttle Dialogue – parties do not meet face to face but the harm caused is actively addressed by Sacro passing information between them.
  • Awareness Programmes – parties do not meet however the young person has discussions with Sacro staff about their own choices and actions and the effects of their behaviour on the person harmed.
  • Reparative Tasks and Programmes – part of the agreement arising out of an intervention above might include the young person undertaking a reparative task such as doing some work to benefit the person harmed, the community in which they live or some other appropriate voluntary work. The young person might also take part in a relevant programme to address issues associated with their offending behaviour such as alcohol misuse or managing anger.

Who is the service aimed at?

The Service works with anyone who has been harmed or affected by the offending or anti-social behaviour of Young People who are aged between 8 and 17 years old.

How is this service accessed?

Youth Justice Services work with Young People who have been charged by the Police.  The cases are passed to the Children’s Reporter and/or are to a multi-agency referral group where a suitable support package is agreed upon and referral made to the service.

The service can accept cases as an alternative to, or from, a Children’s Hearing as well as from Social Workers, Schools, Procurators Fiscal or any other multi-agency group