Click is a women-led safety and wellbeing service for any woman selling or exchanging sex or sexual activity online

What is Click?

Click aims to improve the provision and accessibility of frontline support services for women involved in selling or exchanging sex in Scotland, particularly those advertising online and working indoors.

Through a coordinated multi-agency approach, Click will build on existing resources to create a national service that can respond to women involved in selling or exchanging sex online.

The primary objective of Click will be the creation and delivery of a Scotland-wide online model of provision, that includes:

  • Digital technologies for online outreach;
  • One-to-one support across Scotland;
  • Improved pathways to mainstream services such as sexual health;
  • An opportunity for women with lived experience to have a voice in shaping future services;
  • A platform for women to share their stories and experiences.

How does Click provide support?

Click can support the safety and wellbeing of women through online outreach and one-to-one personalised support right across Scotland. Support is delivered via the Click website ( and app (Click Partnership) through:

  • Live online chat; providing information and signposting;
  • One-to-one specialist support with a local Click women’s worker;
  • Support map listing local support services across the whole of Scotland;
  • Advice and resources on a range of issues (for example safety tips, welfare advice or accessing health services);
  • Opportunities to become involved in shaping future services;
  • A platform for women to share their stories and experiences.


Support provided by Click is confidential and women are in control of how much information they share. Click has been designed with women’s privacy as a priority and the website and app are set up to be able to be used anonymously. At no point does a woman need to provide personal information, unless she wishes to refer herself to access local one to one support. Click does not collect any identifying information regarding users via the website or app.

Where does Click provide support?

Click provides support nationally via the live chat service and dedicated Click Women’s Workers based across nine locations in Scotland. Click Women’s Workers can meet or contact women in a way that is safe and convenient for them during working hours. A dedicated Click Development Officer and Click Resource and Information Officer are based within Women’s Support Project in Glasgow.

Click is a partnership between Sacro, Women’s Support Project, Aberdeen Cyrenians, Alcohol & Drugs Action, Vice Versa – Dundee WRASAC and Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis. The service is funded by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport via the Tampon Tax Fund.

All support is available via our website at: or download our app from Google Play or Apple App Store. Search for “Click Partnership”