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Counselling is a unique one to one relationship between the client and the counsellor who agree to meet privately and regularly with the aim of restoring emotional wellbeing to the client. Counselling provides you a safe, impartial and confidential place to explore your feelings, your own values and beliefs without fear of judgement, criticism or unwanted advice. Our service helps you identify problems and encourages you to gain a clearer  understanding of your emotions so that you are enabled to take positive steps to move forward in your life seeing strengths, resources and opportunities you may not have seen in yourself before.

Counselling takes courage and may feel strange initially, especially if you are not used to expressing feelings that make you; confused, sad, worried or angry. The counselling relationship is a professional one with confidentiality and consent being crucial aspects of the client and counsellor relationship. While the client and counsellor are exploring personal and sensitive issues, trust, safety and respect are instrumental in the client being able to disclose openly and securely.

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This office is a designated drop-off point for the Red Box Project. The project collects donated packets of sanitary towels and tampons for distribution to local schools. Please drop off donations at this office to help us ensure no young woman misses school or suffers embarrassment because of her period.