Community Justice

Sacro provides a wide range of Criminal Justice Services, all of which are aimed at safeguarding communities and reducing offending within the community. These services work mainly with people charged with offences and their families to support and assist them in addressing the issues which cause, or may cause them to offend.

Alcohol Throughcare Service

Ayrshire Alcohol Throughcare Service (AATS) is a voluntary service that has been designed to assist and help prisoners under the age of 30 who have been convicted of a second offence related to alcohol and require a little help to make a fresh start. A Sacro support worker will work with you for a minimum of six weeks prior to your release from custody and continue to work with you for at least another six weeks post release.

Arrest Referral Service

The Arrest Referral Service engages with people at the point of arrest whose offending is linked to drug or alcohol misuse. By seeing the offender as soon as they are arrested, Sacro can offer them a pathway into harm reduction, treatment and rehabilitation services.

Bail Mentoring Service

The Sacro Bail Mentoring service works to prevent unnecessary custodial remands, re-offending on bail and non-attendance at court by offering a mentoring service

Bail Supervision

Bail Supervision is a direct alternative to being remanded in custody and is designed to reduce the risk of offending while on bail.

Community Payback Service

Please note our Community Payback Service cannot currently accept any referrals for decorating, removals or garden work as a result of Covid restrictions. We have a backlog of requests which have been on hold and have now closed our waiting lists. Sacro’s Community Payback Service works with people who have been involved in offending or anti-social behaviour. In partnership with the local authority, our officers supervise individuals placed on a Community Payback Order, giving them an opportunity to give something back to the community by providing a service of real benefit.

Intensive Support Packages for Young People

The service supports young people in Aberdeen city with a realistic community based alternative to secure accommodation or custody.

Learning/Disability Intensive Support Service

Sacro’s Learning/Disability Intensive Support Service in Aberdeen focuses on maximising outcomes for Supported People including promoting independence and reducing over-support.

One to One Behaviour Change Programmes

These short term behaviour programmes are designed to promote discussion and reflection on areas of a young person’s life and their behaviour.


Sacro – Creating Opportunities to Develop through E-Learning Sacro and Glasgow Criminal Justice Social work have created a service that supports people with issues in their life that are causing difficulty. The S-CODE service is delivered digitally and offers the opportunity to take part in interactive e-learning modules, which are designed to help people make positive choices.

The Garden Project

The Garden Project offers adults a gardening pathway to social inclusion and employment.

Travel Service

Sacro’s Travel Service provides transport from Glasgow and Edinburgh & the Lothians to Scottish prisons, Murray Royal Hospital and the State Hospital at Carstairs.