Adult Restorative Justice

Sacro’s Restorative Justice Service provides the Procurator Fiscal with an alternative to prosecution. Court proceedings are put on hold while Sacro establishes, through dialogue with the parties involved, if they can reach and complete an action plan more acceptable to them than court.

What does this service offer?

The Restorative Justice Service is an important addition to the criminal justice system in Scotland and an effective and robust alternative to prosecution. 

How does this service work?

People harmed by crime often feel they have little involvement in the criminal justice process. Restorative Justice offers service users the opportunity to discuss their case with a trained facilitator in order to express their feelings and have a say in how they would like the harm caused by crime to be addressed.

Restorative Justice gives the person responsible for the harm a way to discuss the incident and hear the effect it has had on the person harmed. Participation is entirely voluntary and even once embarked upon; either party can withdraw from the process. It is agreed between both parties how they wish to proceed either through restorative justice conferencing, face to face meetings or shuttle dialogue facilitated by a Sacro worker. A mutually agreed action plan helps to repair the harm, often this will include a letter of apology, financial reparation, a reparative task or charitable donation.

Who is the service aimed at?

The service is an option available to the Procurator Fiscal and an alternative to prosecution which aims to address the needs of both parties by repairing the harm caused by offending behaviour.

  • Those responsible for harm should be 16 years of age and older
  • All persons involved in the process must be willing to resolve incidents with a view to moving on positively.

How is this service accessed?

The Procurator Fiscal will select suitable cases and make the initial contact by letter. If all parties are agreeable to proceed, Sacro then offers the service as indicated. If not, the case is returned to the Procurator Fiscal.

Participation is voluntary and parties may withdraw at any time.

Community Based Reparation

In Aberdeen, Community Based Reparation is also available. Sacro can arrange, manage and oversee any task agreed between the person harmed and the person responsible within Adult Restorative Justice or Youth Justice Services. The task is agreed between all parties and related and meaningful to the offence committed. However, the person responsible can offer to do a community task if the person harmed has decided not to be directly involved. 

Contact the Aberdeen Office for further details on this service.