Alcohol Throughcare Service

Ayrshire Alcohol Throughcare Service (AATS) is a voluntary service that has been designed to assist and help prisoners under the age of 30 who have been convicted of a second offence related to alcohol and require a little help to make a fresh start.
A Sacro support worker will work with you for a minimum of six weeks prior to your release from custody and continue to work with you for at least another six weeks post release.

Who is the service for?

AATS is for prisoners who:

  • will live within East, North and South Ayrshire on release;
  • are under 30 years of age;
  • serving a short term sentence (under four years);
  • where alcohol use is linked to your offending behaviour.

How do I access the service?

You can refer yourself via the AATS referral form. Ask your personal officer or any member of staff to assist you.

What we can do for you?

Pre release

  • work with you in preparing for release;
  • explore attitudes to alcohol use and associated risks post release;
  • explore relationships with partner/family;
  • discuss and establish any homelessness issues;
  • link with Aspire in prison and/or appropriate housing support;
  • refer to Ayrshire community based supports (eg. Ayrshire Council on Alcohol or NHS Addictions);
  • establish employability status, benefit entitlement and links with appropriate community provisions.

Post release

  • meet and greet at the gate if required;
  • accompany to appointments;
  • help with any practical tasks;
  • help you adjust to living in the community again;
  • review any alcohol use and reassess attitudes;
  • help you look at opportunities for education/training/employment.

Safer Alcohol Use

How to reduce the risks

  • spread your alcohol use over the week instead of binge drinking;
  • consider the mood you are in - remember alcohol is a depressant drug;
  • pace your drinking – drink slowly and consider alternating alcoholic drinks for soft drinks;
  • cut back on activities that involve alcohol;
  • don’t be pressurised to drink just because your friends are;
  • learn about units and the effects of alcohol on the body.