Bail Supervision

Bail Supervision is a direct alternative to being remanded in custody and is designed to reduce the risk of offending while on bail.

What does the service offer?

Sacro’s Bail Supervision Service works to prevent unnecessary custodial remands and re-offending on bail by providing supervision, monitoring and support (including tagging in some areas). These services provide courts with an effective alternative to remand, allowing the accused to remain in the community while undertaking offending behaviour work, and having access to other services at an early stage.

How does the service work?

If Bail Supervision is granted, the accused will sign a Bail Supervision agreement and must conform to the conditions therein until they are removed by the Sheriff, usually following trial. Bail conditions must be strictly adhered to and will include regular appointments with Sacro workers, normally three times per week.

Who is the service aimed at?

The service is available to the Court as an alternative to custody for accused persons.

How is the service accessed?

Referrals to the scheme can be made by Sheriffs, Procurators Fiscal, defence agents and social workers. The Court Social Worker will interview the person on remand and assess their suitability for the service. The Court makes the final decision as to whether Bail Supervision will be granted.