Early and Effective Intervention

Early and Effective Intervention

Lanarkshire’s Early and Effective Intervention provides support for women who are at risk of offending due to their lifestyle choices and behaviours.

What does this service offer?

The service aims to provide an Early and Effective Intervention service to women who are identified as being at risk of offending.

How does this service work?

The service is designed to be a short term intervention which will provide the required support at the time of need and signposting to specialist service providers. At the first meeting, an individual assessment will be completed to determine what support is required. Then, along with the woman, an action plan will be devised. Sacro also complete three-monthly reviews on service user progress.

Support is designed to enable women to develop skills for independent living such as: timekeeping, budgeting, accessing education or employment, social skills, and engaging with other services. This may involve guidance and support from the Sacro worker, or may require signposting or referral to another agency.

Who is the service aimed at?

The service is aimed at women aged 18 or older who are on the periphery of offending, and live within North Lanarkshire.

How is this service accessed?

Referrals can be made by agencies who have identified behaviours which they are concerned may lead to offending. Women can also self-refer into the service.