The Garden Project

The Garden Project offers individuals aged 18+ who face barriers to employment and social inclusion the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. The project allows participants to increase self-confidence and improve mental and physical health whilst improving amenities within the community.

In partnership with Glasgow City Council, Land Environment Services and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Sacro are delivering the Garden Project in Govanhill Park and Tollcross Park
The Garden Project is delivered in three steps which are designed to ease individuals into a routine and gradually build confidence and skills. These steps introduce structure and motivation. Participants are supported and mentored by Sacro staff and engagement in the project may lead to work experience, apprenticeships and job opportunities.


Participants will learn simple garden tasks and maintenance, including digging, planting and clearing. For many this will be the spark to ignite an interest in gardening and horticulture. They will be encouraged to develop listening skills and supported to process directions. 
The introduction of this daily structure encourages self-discipline, self-worth, team work and motivation. Participants are guided by Sacro staff to take responsibility for tasks and co-operate with others to achieve goals.


This step allows individuals to experience more specific skills such as building fences, hard landscaping and more involved horticultural processes. 
Participants who have progressed to this stage will be learning teamwork and patience and specific tasks such as slab laying.
Progress is rewarded where possible by earning achievement certificates and recognised qualifications.


The final step is achieving the individual’s goal. This could be securing an apprenticeship or job opportunity, to release an addiction, desistance from offending, improved personal relationships or just an anchor in an otherwise turbulent life.