New Routes


New Routes – A Scotland wide public social partnership offering a Mentoring Service to young male prolific offenders.


What does this service offer?

New Routes offers male short term prisoners a ‘through-the-gate’ support service providing practical and emotional support to help them move back into the community and begin to build a life free of offending.

How does this service work?

Men referred to New Routes are matched with a mentor while in prison. The mentor will work with the man to develop their independence and social skills, link to appropriate services, explore aspirations, identify goals and put in place achievable steps to improve their quality of life. This support and advice continues after release from prison where mentors can accompany them to appointments and advocate on their behalf where appropriate. Specialist family support is also available to help with re-integration and help achieve stability.

Who is the service aimed at?

New Routes mentors will work with men over the age of 16. Support is offered to men predominantly serving a short term custodial sentence who would not be eligible for statutory Through Care support. Mentors can also work with those on Home Detention Curfew.

How is this service accessed?

Scottish Prison Service staff and prison based New Routes mentors are responsible for identifying men serving custodial sentences who are eligible for support.  The service is offered and if the man agrees he is matched with a community mentor. Support is available for a total period of 12 months with the initial offer of support being made up to six months pre-release. Involvement is entirely voluntary.

What if I do not come into the two categories mentioned?

Sacro may still be able to help you as we offer a range of other services that may better suit your specific needs. We can also assist by matching you with specialist services offered by another agency.

For more information on the New Routes Partnership please call: 0131 622 7500

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New Routes is a Scotland wide mentoring service offering men serving short term prison sentences, practical support for moving back into the community and begin to build a life free of offending.

The Partnership is led by the Wise Group, a social enterprise that has already supported over 7,000 short term prisoners upon release from prison with their RooP project. Sacro is a key delivery partner alongside APEX, Families Outside and SAMH. Other partners include Scotland’s eight Community Justice Authorities (CJAs), Scottish Prison Service and Social Work Scotland.