Outreach Support Service

Aberdeen Outreach Support Service provides support for people with convictions who need assistance with re-settling into the community.

What does this service offer?

The service aims to help people with convictions towards positive and 'offence free' independent living in the community. The service works in partnership with Social Work, Housing Providers, Police, Scottish Prison Service and other agencies in the support of individuals in the community. 

How does this service work?

Levels of support vary depending on individual needs and risk levels but will initially be a minimum of one weekly session. At each meeting, a Weekly Action Plan is completed, recording short-term goals and actions. Sacro complete three-monthly reviews on service user progress.

Support is designed to enable service users to develop skills for independent living skills such as: domestic skills, budgeting, literacy, and numeracy, accessing further education or employment and social skills. This may involve guidance and support from the Sacro worker, or may require signposting or referral to another agency. The service also supports prisoners who have access to the community from the Open Estate.

With pressure on housing stock, the service no longer provides accommodation. 

Who is the service aimed at?

The service is aimed at those aged 17 or older who have a live connection with Aberdeen City. Service users will have been a prisoner, or subject to a Statutory Order e.g. Supervised Release Order, Parole Licence, and Non-Parole Licence. Post release on licence or non-licence, supervision order, or eligible for voluntary aftercare following release from prison within the last 12 months

How is this service accessed?

The Criminal Justice Social Work Department in Aberdeen can refer individuals to this service. Self-referrals and those from Scottish Prison Service can be made however need to be approved by Criminal Justice Social Work Department.