PAIR (Preventing Abuse in Relationships)

PAIR is a group work programme designed to promote equality, safety and respect within intimate relationships and to support desistance from harmful behaviour among men convicted of a domestic abuse related offence.

Preventing Abuse in Relationships (PAIR) is a 16-week group work programme aimed at reducing harmful and controlling behaviour towards women and children.

The programme is aimed at male perpetrators of domestic abuse who are:

  • aged 18+;
  • have been found guilty of a domestic abuse related offence against a female intimate partner or ex-partner;
  • have been assessed as low-medium risk;
  • have an established pattern of harmful and abusive behaviour within their intimate relationships;
  • are motivated to make changes to their abusive behaviour.

The 16-week group work element of the PAIR service is supported by a minimum of five further sessions involving the programme participant, a PAIR facilitator and the criminal justice social worker. All those assessed as suitable for the programme will receive a written, detailed, evidence-based report at the midway stage and at the end of the programme.

The PAIR team will work alongside an integrated women’s safety and support service. This may be provided by a partnership agency e.g. Women’s Aid, dependent upon local arrangements.

PAIR is fully committed to and will contribute to the whole community response to domestic abuse and will link in with appropriate local risk management arrangements i.e. MAPPA, MARAC, MATAC etc. and information sharing protocols with Police Scotland.