Throughcare Service

Throughcare Service

This service provides advice, guidance and assistance to prisoners and their families before and after release. It helps their reintegration into the community and reduces the risk of further offending.

What does the service offer?

Sacro offers support primarily on a 1-2-1 basis, the prisoner and a keyworker work to an identified and agreed Action Plan. Prisoners and their families have the opportunity to discuss their plans for release and Sacro staff can provide support with issues such as accommodation, drug/alcohol use, health, benefits etc. Advice and support to help deal with offending behaviour and rehabilitation is also provided.

The Glasgow service also offers practical and emotional support for families to manage the issues raised by having a family member held in custody. The service can help with travel information for prison visits, information on Assisted Prison Visiting Scheme and Sacro's Travel Service.

How does the service work?

Sacro staff visit the prisoner, prior to release, to help plan their reintegration into the community and set up access to any support services they may need. One to one work is provided to help deal with resettlement and reduce the likelihood of reoffending. 

The service can offer pick-up from the prison gate at the point of release, to help service users access the support services they need at this critical time.

Sacro staff will also be available to the service user, and their family, following release to deal with any difficulties they may be facing in their new environment. Regular liaison with police and other professionals is maintained. 

Who is the service aimed at?

The service is available to adults prisoners who have served a short sentence, less than four years, and not be subject to a statutory order.

The service is entirely voluntary and aimed at those who feel they may encounter difficulty resettling into the community following release. The Glasgow service focuses on community support for ex-offenders and their family members. Support can be provided for 3 months prior to leaving prison and up to 1 year after release.

How is the service accessed?

The service can be requested directly by the prisoner or via their social worker or other professional. It can also be requested following release from prison, in Glasgow offenders can directly accessed the service either by telephone, letter or face to face by pre-arranged appointment or drop-in service.

The Glasgow Throughcare Service also offers a drop-in facility every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1-3pm. Support and advice is available to all offenders, ex-offenders and families of offenders. For more information contact the Glasgow Office: 0141 248 1763