Community Mediation Service

Sacro Community Mediation services work with neighbours and neighbourhoods to deal with local disputes and help make communities safer.

What does the service offer?

Community Mediation provides a safe, structured and positive environment for people in dispute to come to agreements and better understanding.

Many neighbourhood disputes, even seemingly minor ones, can escalate if not dealt with at an early stage, and mediation has an excellent track record in assisting people to find positive solutions.

How does the service work?

Mediators have a number of different ways of working, from providing advice and guidance to helping people to resolve disputes themselves or getting groups of neighbours together in a structured mediation meeting.

Mediation meetings have a very high success rate, with around 70% to 80% having a positive outcome.

Who is the service aimed at?

All neighbours and groups in the community who are involved in conflicts or disputes.

In Moray the service is aimed at Council House tenants who have been referred by the local Housing Officer. 

How is the service accessed?

Members of the public who have a dispute or conflict can contact our services directly. Agencies such as the Police, Anti-social Behaviour Teams/Officers, Housing Departments and others also make referrals to our services.

If you are resident in the Fife area, please see the Fife Community Safety Support service page.