Public protection

These services provide monitoring and support to manage the risk of further offending by people who are assessed as posing a risk within the community.

Circles of Support and Accountability

“Offenders who desist are more likely to maintain an offence free life if communities acknowledge and reward the change through inclusion” (Maruna and McNeill (2007) We live in a society where sexual abuse provokes powerful responses within communities. The successful rehabilitation and reintegration of someone who commits sexual offences requires consideration of their needs, those of their victims and the community in which they live. Social isolation and emotional loneliness are key factors in increasing the risk of reoffending.

Intensive Support Packages for Young People

The service supports young people in Aberdeen city with a realistic community based alternative to secure accommodation or custody.

Learning/Disability Intensive Support Service

Sacro’s Learning/Disability Intensive Support Service in Aberdeen focuses on maximising outcomes for Supported People including promoting independence and reducing over-support.