Restorative justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) provides all parties involved in a crime (person harmed and person responsible) with an opportunity to explore what happened. RJ services are facilitated meetings which allow those harmed to ask questions and have a say in how they would like the harm caused by crime to be addressed. It also gives the person responsible for the harm a way to discuss the incident and hear the effect it has had on the person harmed. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Adult Restorative Justice

Sacro’s Restorative Justice Service provides the Procurator Fiscal with an alternative to prosecution. Court proceedings are put on hold while Sacro establishes, through dialogue with the parties involved, if they can reach and complete an action plan more acceptable to them than court.

Crisis Intervention Service

Falkirk Crisis Intervention Service provides an out of hours Crisis Intervention and Mediation Service for Social Work Children and Families.

Youth Restorative Justice Services

Sacro’s Youth Restorative Justice Services are based on restorative principles. These services offer support to those affected by and those responsible for harm.