Young people make a significant contribution to ensuring our communities are vibrant, inclusive and dynamic. We believe that the opportunity to flourish should be provided to all young people, irrespective of their personal or social circumstances, and we aim to support them to achieve their potential.

Since 2017, we have developed and delivered our Refresh support programme in schools across Scotland, meeting the needs of young people, school staff and families. The programme helps young people, often from complex or challenging backgrounds, who are displaying challenging, disruptive, harmful or anti-social behaviour in schools, at home or within communities. We aim to assist them build personal resilience, develop life skills and gain leadership abilities, whilst improving their future life chances as they transition from school to further education or employment.

Our continued work with young people and often their families, will equip them to lead themselves and others, develop a heightened sense of confidence and self-belief and aim to promote a positive mind-set and ‘can do’ attitude. With this will come a greater sense of personal responsibility and the ability to develop both planning and organisational skills. In short, we want to see young people achieve positive outcomes and become all they can be and to overcome some of the social, mental, physical or other barriers that might prevent them from doing this.

Referrals commonly come through schools, but can also be made by other partner agencies. We have the capability to deliver the Refresh programme across Scotland and will be happy to consider any referrals to the service in conjunction with school staff, the young person, their family and any other relevant professionals. For further information on Refresh, please contact Graeme Pyper, the National Team Leader or by calling 01224 560550.