Youth services

Sacro provides a number of services specifically designed to support and encourage young people to desist from offending behaviour. Many of these services are based on restorative principles, which offer support to those affected by and those responsible for harm. The aim of services using restorative principles is to address behaviour in a way which empowers the people harmed, those responsible and the wider community members in order to resolve issues in a constructive way.

Crisis Intervention Service

Falkirk Crisis Intervention Service provides an out of hours Crisis Intervention and Mediation Service for Social Work Children and Families.

Homeless Supported Accommodation Service

Moray has two homeless supported accommodation units which are located in Elgin; one at Covesea Road (ages 16-24) and the other at Guildry House (ages 24+).

Intensive Support Packages for Young People

The service supports young people in Aberdeen city with a realistic community based alternative to secure accommodation or custody.

New Routes

  New Routes – A Scotland wide public social partnership offering a Mentoring Service to young male prolific offenders.  


Young people make a significant contribution to ensuring our communities are vibrant, inclusive and dynamic. We believe that the opportunity to flourish should be provided to all young people, irrespective of their personal or social circumstances, and we aim to support them to achieve their potential.

School's Out

School’s Out Moray is a Moray-wide LGBTQI service run by Sacro for young people and those who work with them. Our key aim is to bring together the various strands of support available for LGBTQI people in the Moray area, as well as plug the gaps in service provision for young LGBTQI people within Moray.

Young People Inclusion Project

Sacro’s Young People Inclusion Project focuses on promoting social inclusion for vulnerable young people. The project supports young people to gain access to local services, provides advocacy and promotes positive decision making with the aim of reintegration into the community.

Youth Group Work Programmes

Group work sessions for three or more young people to discuss the causes and consequences of their offending behaviour.

Youth Restorative Justice Services

Sacro’s Youth Restorative Justice Services are based on restorative principles. These services offer support to those affected by and those responsible for harm.