Written by
Alan Mairs
Gillian Aitken, Gemma Nistorica, Sheila Barclay and Matthew Carle

Sacro’s Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire Community Mediation, the neighbour dispute resolution service, has chosen the winners of its “Good Neighbour” award for 2015.

Mr and Mrs Garry McNulty from Northfield, Aberdeen and Mr Frank Caie of Cammachmore, Stonehaven were selected from those nominated for the award

The winners were awarded a meal for two supplied by The Brentwood Hotel Crown Street Aberdeen.

The neighbours who nominated our winners had this to say about their neighbours:

Written by
Alan Mairs
Good Neighbours

In the run up to the festive period Sacro’s Community Mediation Service in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are running a “Love thy Neighbour” Competition. Residents in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire are being invited to nominate someone who has been a particularly good neighbour this year. 
Irene Reid, Community Mediation Team Leader said: “We tend to hear the stories about neighbours falling out so it is always heartening to hear the positive stories. It is a brilliant opportunity for people to thank a neighbour who has gone that extra mile in 2013.

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