Our Thinking

With over 40 years of experience as a national voluntary organisation, Sacro is ideally placed to play a key part in influencing and advising on policy and practice throughout Scotland.

We have community-based intelligence allied to a national voice and a direct route to government. We make the best use of these attributes by having a communications strategy which aims to speak clearly, persuasively, authoritatively and consistently in dealings with government, stakeholders, media and the public. Our priorities are activities which chime with our principles, so will focus on policy and legislation that:

  • appropriately enhances community reintegration, supported by effective community disposals and sentencing;
  • enhances and facilitates constructive conflict resolution in the community in general and in local intergenerational conflicts and in schools in particular.

To enhance the effectiveness of our influencing work, we will seek to play a part in promoting public understanding of the above to make Scotland safer.

Sacro facilitates and commissions research to help evidence our thinking. We also respond to consultations where appropriate and keep in regular contact with the media and stakeholders through traditional channels as well as new media.