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New Routes Mentoring

“A”, 21, referred while in HMYOI Polmont.

“A” was sentenced to 2 years 7 months for his offence. However, he was realised on Home Detention Curfew (HDC) on passing the assessment...

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New Routes Mentoring

New Routes service user, Pete, rediscovers his interests and puts them to good use. 

[Names have been changed to preserve anonymity]

Service User...

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Sacro Aberdeen Assertive Outreach Service

Assertive Outreach staff built a relationship of trust to help a young girl engage with services and stop offending

Gemma, a 14 year old female, was referred to the...

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Sacro Aberdeen Community Mediation

Upset over arguments and noise is resolved by Aberdeen mediators

A housing assistant from Aberdeen City Council referred a case to Sacro's Community Meditation service in...

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Sacro Aberdeen Court Support Service

Sacro's Court Support service helps prepare a young man for his trial 

Aaron, a young person appeared in the High Court on a serious charge. A Sacro Court Support Worker...

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Sacro Aberdeen Outreach and Accommodation Support Service

Outreach and Accommodation Support helped Aamir settle into a tenancy

Aamir was released into the community after serving 4 years and 6 months for culpable homicide. Aamir...

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Sacro Aberdeenshire Community Mediation

Aberdeenshire mediators helped families to resolve a conflict that began around their childrens' behaviour.

An Aberdeenshire Council housing officer got in touch with the...

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Sacro Adult Restorative Justice

Two persons harmed by fraud are given their money back through Restorative Justice

Brenda, 50, was charged with fraud by collecting monies for a Christmas Fund. There were...

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Sacro Bail Supervision (1)

“A” appeared at Sheriff Court and was placed on Bail with a condition to comply with the Bail Supervision Scheme. There were two main issues identified at the time of being placed on Bail...

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Sacro Bail Supervision (2)

“B” was referred to the Bail Supervision service having committed theft by shoplifting. The conditions of service and the importance of attending were explained to “B”. She agreed to...

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Sacro Bail Supervision (3)

“C” was granted a Bail Supervision Order for a Public Disorder / Police Assault offence.

As in all cases, “C” was met by a Bail Supervision worker in the Court’s Criminal...

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Sacro Dumfries Housing Support

Housing Support helped ex-offender Mickey to resettle into the community 

Mickey is 32 years old and lives with his partner Stevie. They have just moved into a two bed-...

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Sacro Edinburgh Another Way

One to one support helps Janet with housing and health issues

Janet got involved with Another Way while she was in a hostel. She had lots of things going on - she was...

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Sacro Edinburgh Arrest Referral

Arrest Referral Service helped James to break the cycle of offending

James drank on a daily basis; it was his way of dealing with chronic anxiety and depression. He felt...

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Sacro Edinburgh Arrest Referral (2)

Arrest Referral supported Raymond to address his drug misuse and move towards rehabilitation. 

Raymond, 30, was funding his illicit drug use mainly by theft and fraud. On...

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Sacro Edinburgh Community Mediation

Edinburgh Community Mediation Service helps neighbours deal with a whole range of issues. Here in the city, noise is a major difficulty for many members of the public who approach our service....

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Sacro Edinburgh Community Mediation

Sarah and Jenny have been neighbours for three years. Sarah lives on the top floor above Jenny in a four high apartment block. Jenny is a young professional holding down a demanding job with...

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Sacro Edinburgh Throughcare

Throughcare helped John from prison into employment.

John was referred to Sacro while he was in prison. The referral, by the Phoenix Addictions team, was based on his drug...

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Sacro Edinburgh Travel Service

The Travel Service helps to support families affected by their relative's prison sentence. 

Susan called the Sacro Travel Service in Edinburgh. She was very distressed as...

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Sacro Glasgow Community Payback

Community Payback Service provides David a positive way to make amends

David is a young man with a significant offending background and a history of drug and alcohol abuse...

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Sacro Glasgow Supported Accommodation Service

Supported Accommodation helps a man live an offence free life in the community 

George was released from prison after serving a six-year sentence, however he was unable to...

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Sacro Moray Supported Accommodation (1)

Sacro Supported Accommodation helped a man finding himself homeless get back on his feet. 

Jason, 41, had been in a relationship for 20 years and had never lived alone....

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Sacro Moray Supported Accommodation (2)

Supported Accommodation helped a women deal with her drug misuse and housing issues. 

Claire, 27, was referred to Moray Supported Accommodation following 9 months in...

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Sacro Moray Young Person’s Supported Accommodation (1)

Sacro's Young Person's Supported Accommodation helped Simon from being homeless.

Simon, 18, was drunk when he stole his mum’s car and crashed it. He was asked to leave the...

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Sacro Moray Young Person’s Supported Accommodation (2)

Supported Accommodation helps young man facing homelessness due to alcohol problems

James, 19, was asked to leave the family home due to his binge drinking. When under the...

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Sacro Perth Supporting Prisoners Advice Network

Supporting Prisoners Advice Network (SPAN) helps Andrew as he leaves prison and returns to the community

Andrew was released from prison on a Home Detention Curfew. Andrew...

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Sacro Women’s Mentoring Service

Women's Mentoring staff and group sessions helped Jodie build her confidence 

Jodie was referred to the Women's Mentoring Service by a social work team. She had a long...

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Sacro Youth Restorative Justice Service

Sacro helps a young boy make amends for the damage he caused to a property

Sacro received a referral for a young male, aged 12, named Luke who had been charged with...

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Sacro Youth Restorative Justice Services

Young people charged with vandalism

  • Initials: CS and MC
  • Ages: CS 15 years old and MC 16 years old

Referral Process

CS & MC were...

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Youth Restorative Justice Services

Young Person Charged with Assault to Severe Injury

  • Young person responsible: K aged 14 at the time of the offence
  • Person Harmed: M aged 13 at the time of the Assault...
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