New Routes Mentoring

“A”, 21, referred while in HMYOI Polmont.

“A” was sentenced to 2 years 7 months for his offence. However, he was realised on Home Detention Curfew (HDC) on passing the assessment. A big achievement for “A” whilst in HMYOI Polmont was becoming a peer mentor for new inmates; something he regarded as beneficial and a positive change in his life.

Customer circumstance prior to accessing New Routes:

Prior to custody, “A” was abusing alcohol and substances on a daily basis which in time caused a family breakdown. He found himself homeless with no family or professional support. These circumstances led “A” to his offending behaviours and the crime that resulted in him being sent to HMYOI Polmont.

What Action was taken? / How New Routes helped:

“A” signed up to the New Routes Service after speaking with the prison mentor within HMYOI Polmont and decided that mentor support within the community would make a positive impact on him, helping him resolve issues he had before going into custody. “A” engaged with me on a number of pre-release visits from HMYOI Polmont where we worked together to complete his Personal Release Plan. We identified that “A” would benefit from support in relation to housing, employment, training and accessing finances.


“A” has continued to engage with the New Routes Service for 11 months and has achieved all outcomes identified within the New Routes Service. “A” has secured his own accommodation and has been living there for almost five months. As “A”’s Mentor, I supported him in making grant applications and requests to charity organisations for household items to set up his first home. The Sacro Trust recognised the positive changes “A” had made since his liberation and awarded him £150 to purchase flooring for his home. “A” was extremely appreciated of Sacro’s support and purchased flooring to transform his tenancy into a home.

Within a month of liberation, “A” had engaged with Community Jobs Scotland and was successful in securing a work placement in his local area. “A” undertook various training opportunities available throughout his work placement and was committed to obtaining as many skills as possible to move on to further employment.

“A” has now completed his work placement and has recently secured a new employment opportunity which he is thoroughly enjoying. “A”’s previous alcohol and substance issues have remained in his past and he continues to be motivated not to return to this daily occurrence as he believes this led him to his offending behaviour; he does not want to return to custody and continues to make positive plans for his future.

“A” has worked hard to re-build his family relationships and currently has a supportive family around him who recognise “A”’s hard work and determination to move forward with his life.

Quote from Customer:

“A” states that having the weekly contact from the New Routes Services has been a motivation tool for him to move forward. He states that the links to local housing, DWP, employment support and training opportunities from his New Routes Mentor has led him to achieving his targets and would recommend the service to all young offenders returning to the community from custody.

n.b. “customer” is the term New Routes use to refer to those who use their services.