Sacro Aberdeen Assertive Outreach Service

Assertive Outreach staff built a relationship of trust to help a young girl engage with services and stop offending

Gemma, a 14 year old female, was referred to the Assertive Outreach Service whilst living at home with her parents and two younger brothers.

Social Work had been involved with Gemma’s family throughout her life; her mum struggled to cope and frequently separated from Gemma’s father. Her parents also had issues with neighbours as the family home was viewed as a hub for criminal activity. Due to her family’s reputation Gemma was bullied at school so she stopped attending.

Gemma was referred to Sacro's Assertive Outreach because she was committing offences and had disengaged from social work and education. Gemma was allocated a Sacro key worker who attempted to make contact with her. Initial attempts were difficult because Gemma was mistrusting and withdrawn, however the key worker persevered and visited Gemma at different locations, and different times of the week, including evenings and weekends.

Gemma started to engage and identified her support needs – self-esteem, education, meaningful activities and goals for the future. The Sacro key worker took Gemma to and from school and met with her at lunch times. Her Sacro key worker supported her to attend planning meetings, speak about her feelings and accept guidance when a deterioration in her behaviour became concerning. Sacro also sourced funding for Gemma to attend Deeside Flying Club where she learned to fly a glider and assist the ground crew.

Gemma worked with Assertive Outreach for eight months and successfully exited after engaging with appropriate services. Subsequently, she is back in education, doing well within her family and has committed no further offences.