Sacro Aberdeen Community Mediation

Upset over arguments and noise is resolved by Aberdeen mediators

A housing assistant from Aberdeen City Council referred a case to Sacro's Community Meditation service in Aberdeen. Lesley (a single person living alone) had made several complaints to the Council about Steven and Amy, a couple who lived in the flat above her with their young son. She said she was regularly being disturbed by the sound of their arguments.

A Sacro mediator visited both flats to establish if mediation could help. Amy said she had heard from the Housing Assistant that she was being complained about and was feeling frustrated about the whole situation. She said that Lesley had come down one morning complaining there had been too much noise the night before when they'd had friends round. Amy had apologised for this and also admitted she and her partner do argue and can be loud. Amy told the mediator that she just wanted to be able to get on with life and be a good mum without getting complaints from Lesley.

The mediator then met with Lesley who said she'd recently moved into the property. She said at first she'd been disturbed every two to three weeks by music and the noise of guests on the communal landing, but this had quietened down a bit. Lesley’s main issue now was hearing loud arguments between Amy and Steven as well as their son screaming, both of which unsettled her. Although the parties had spoken to each other, things had not been resolved and Lesley had contacted both Housing and the police. She wanted Amy and Steven to know that she was not trying to harass them her.

Both parties agreed to a mediation meeting to try to resolve things. At the meeting Amy and Steven acknowledged that there had been a lot of noise from their arguments and understood where Lesley was coming from. Both sides agreed that things had been quieter recently, and Amy said they would do their best to continue to keep the noise down. At the meeting Lesley, Amy and Steven established a better understanding and were able to communicate well with each other. We were able to close the case with a full agreement and a follow up questionnaire confirmed that the agreement is still working well.