Sacro Aberdeen Court Support Service

Sacro's Court Support service helps prepare a young man for his trial 

Aaron, a young person appeared in the High Court on a serious charge. A Sacro Court Support Worker was able to visit him in custody during the proceedings and answer any questions he had about practical matters regarding custody arrangements such as where he would be held, what he could have to eat and what clothes he should wear. 

The Court Support Worker also supported Aaron during breaks in the trial by spending time with him, which helped take his mind off court. Aaron was acquitted at the end of the trial but on a later date he appeared in the Sheriff Court on a separate matter, the Court Support Worker from Sacro visited him in custody again. Aaron understood the court process by this point but required further support in order to access other services. The Court Support Worker introduced him to a worker from APEX who would be supporting him in various activities designed to divert him from offending, and explained the outcome of his appearance in court and what was expected of him by the court in order to avoid the possibility of a future custodial sentence.