Sacro Aberdeen Outreach and Accommodation Support Service

Outreach and Accommodation Support helped Aamir settle into a tenancy

Aamir was released into the community after serving 4 years and 6 months for culpable homicide. Aamir was subject to a 2 year Parole Licence during which time he will meet with his supervising officer on a regular basis. 

Aamir's social worker referred him to Sacro to receive support with housing, previous alcohol issues and support in the community. The social worker felt Aamir would benefit from this support as he felt nervous and paranoid about how the community may react to him. 

Sacro staff met with Aamir on a weekly basis in the office and community. Sacro staff supported Aamir with housing and signposted him to an alcohol support agency. Eventually Aamir was allocated a permanent tenancy and he began attending alcohol support groups, this support resulted in him gaining more confidence within the community and empowered him to make decisions for himself.

Sacro support continued during the early stages of Aamir’s tenancy ensuring that all relevant paperwork related to this area was completed and he had settled into tenancy. After discussions with Aamir’s social worker it was established that there would be a planned end of support due to the case being successful.