Sacro Adult Restorative Justice

Two persons harmed by fraud are given their money back through Restorative Justice

Brenda, 50, was charged with fraud by collecting monies for a Christmas Fund. There were two persons harmed, who worked alongside Brenda and are out of pocket by £500 each. Brenda had claimed to be an agent for a Christmas Club; she collected monies weekly that would be exchanged for High Street store vouchers at the festive period. 

Both her work colleagues described to Sacro staff how hurt and upset they had been at the breach of trust, however they felt if this was a way to recoup some of their money, they would like to try Restorative Justice through Sacro. They indicated they would be willing to wait a reasonable time for Brenda to repay by instalments.

Brenda said she felt that she taken on too big a project and that it had ‘ran away from her’, and eventually she could not account for who was to get what and some people had probably received more than due, while others had received no vouchers at all. Brenda was very remorseful and very willing to repay monies owed. She said she was in a position to pay back £100 per month over a 10 month period.

Any agreement reached which will take longer than six months to complete has to be referred back to the Procurator Fiscal in case the agreement breaks down. Sacro staff put this to the Procurator Fiscal for consideration and it was agreed that there would be regular reviews so that if Brenda was persistently not paying, another form of action could be taken by the Procurator Fiscal sooner rather than later.

Sacro drew up an agreement and financial schedule. Payments were made to Sacro on a monthly basis until the full amount had been received, both persons harmed duly received £500 each.