Sacro Bail Services (1)

Bail Service supported Brian to find and maintain a job whilst on bail

Brian was referred to Sacro's Bail Service after an offence in relation to Breach of the Peace, he was placed on Bail Supervision for 15 weeks prior to trial. 

Following an initial assessment with Sacro staff it was established that Brain had left school with no qualifications and had never been in employment. After, a few weeks of working with the Sacro staff Brian highlighted his interest in looking at what employment and training options were available to him. Sacro staff were able to refer him to a local agency in his area and as a result Brian was offered full-time employment.

Due to his change in circumstances and in order for Brian to start employment Sacro staff changed his appointment times to allow him to work on a full-time basis and continue attending his scheduled appointments with Sacro bail workers. For Brian, this not only gave him the opportunity to work for first time, but also to undertake ongoing training and by doing so allowed him to achieve his welding certificate.

Brian’s bail supervision stopped following his trial when he was admonished. He was found guilty but was not imprisoned or fined, instead he received a verbal discipline and the conviction was still recorded.