Sacro Bail Services (2)

Bail Service helped a man to continue living with his family and working whilst on bail 

Lukasz, 41, was referred to the Bail Supervision service after being charged with assault and a Breach of the Peace.

Lukasz was relieved to have been spared around four months in custody on remand before his trial. Lukasz was married with a toddler and had casual work in the hospitality industry, he told staff the the impact of him being in custody would have affected him greatly, by not seeing his family and losing employment.

The Sacro team assisted Lukasz in maintaining contact with Jobcentre Plus and employment agencies; and were ready to listen to his concerns and suggest solutions which were appropriate to his circumstances. Lukasz was subsequently able to take up an offer of employment whilst on supervision and his Sacro workers arranged his appointments to accommodate working patterns.

By the time his case came to court, he had been over 6 months on bail supervision. During that time, he had gained employment on a longer term basis and was hoping to progress to permanent contracted work. On appearing at court he pleaded guilty to the charges and although he feared a custodial sentence, was given 300 hours community service. This was a serious sentence, but he was pleased to have been able to maintain his freedom. Lukasz said about his Sacro workers: 

They helped me, realising how much your family means to you and how much you need employment to stop re-offending. The best thing about the Sacro workers was their attitude.