Sacro Bail Supervision (1)

“A” appeared at Sheriff Court and was placed on Bail with a condition to comply with the Bail Supervision Scheme. There were two main issues identified at the time of being placed on Bail Supervision: his misuse of drugs and the breakdown of his relationship with his partner and his son.

“A” made good progress while on Bail Supervision. He was assessed for a drug rehabilitation place and was successful, completing an eight-week residential placement which he found difficult but understood was his best chance to turn his life around. While there, his bail appointments were suspended with regular contact being made with the centre to check his progress and attendance. At the end of his placement, “A” moved in to a short-stay hostel and then to a temporary furnished flat. He has continued to keep in touch with his drugs sponsor and finds this both helpful and reassuring.

As a result of his offending behaviour and drugs misuse, “A”’s relationship with his partner had broken down. In order to address this, he worked with Children and Families and continues to attend weekly parenting classes with his partner. He has been able to focus on his family and is building a more positive relationship with both his partner and his son.

“A” engages very well with Sacro staff. As part of his three-month service user review, he was given the opportunity to reduce his contact to two days per week. He chose to maintain the three visits per week as he said he benefits greatly from the routine contact with bail staff. He was recently matched up with a Sacro Volunteer and they meet one day per week. The volunteer is helping “A” address his low self-esteem. This is particularly evident as his court dates approach. The volunteer will continue to provide support once bail supervision has ended.

“A” has also agreed to take part in future Sacro events. He will participate in a volunteer training session where service users, staff and volunteers get together for an informal “meet and greet”.