Sacro Bail Supervision (2)

“B” was referred to the Bail Supervision service having committed theft by shoplifting. The conditions of service and the importance of attending were explained to “B”. She agreed to comply and signed the appropriate paperwork.

“B”’s shoplifting was to fund her long standing drug addiction and she had been arrested for this on several occasions. Her partner was seen to be a major contributing factor and had just been sentenced. This was therefore an opportunity for “B” to comply with a Bail Supervision Order, free of his influence. She had secured supported accommodation and was receiving support and medication for mental health issues.

“B” received one formal warning letter for not turning up for one of her signings. The importance of complying and the consequences of not turning up were explained to “B”. After the first warning, her compliance improved. She seemed to appreciate and understand that she was lucky not to have been remanded and overall, she attended 22 out of her 23 appointments. She was on time, presented well and there were no issues with her behaviour on any occasion. She engaged openly with the service and her attitude clearly improved with time.

“B” attended the Sheriff Court the following month. The Bail Supervision was continued and she was put on a DTTO assessment. “B” continued to engage well with the service.

The Sheriff subsequently imposed a DTTO for an 18-month period and the Bail Supervision was not continued. The case was then closed.