Sacro Bail Supervision (3)

“C” was granted a Bail Supervision Order for a Public Disorder / Police Assault offence.

As in all cases, “C” was met by a Bail Supervision worker in the Court’s Criminal Justice Social Work office, immediately after appearing. She was nervous and anxious about all that she had been through over the previous 24 hours and had no previous experience of the Criminal Justice system.

At our first meeting with “C”, she talked about the offence and how ashamed she was of herself. We made it clear we were not there to judge her and would signpost her to support services, should either of us identify a need.

Despite her years, “C” had a childlike personality, partly due to her being diagnosed with a mental illness. She was therefore vulnerable. As we got to know her it became apparent she frequently put herself in dangerous situations. One of these incidents led to “C” missing an appointment with us which was totally out of character. We made attempts to contact her but when this failed, we put in a Missing Person’s Report to the Police. As she was on the Vulnerable Persons list, the Police dealt with it immediately and she was found safe a few hours later. She had been drinking heavily and this had led to her sleeping through the calls and knocks on door.

This seemed to be a wake-up call to “C”. She realised how concerned people were for her. By liaising with her Social Worker, we managed to get her linked in with a Mental Health worker and she engaged well. She continued working with Sacro and always presented well.

We accompanied “C” to Court and – after 21 weeks on Bail Supervision, attending 62 of 63 appointments – she was admonished.