Sacro Edinburgh Another Way

One to one support helps Janet with housing and health issues

Janet got involved with Another Way while she was in a hostel. She had lots of things going on - she was trying to cut down on her drinking, find a home and work things out with her partner. Most of all Janet was trying to keep contact with her two young kids who were going through the adoption process with social work. She was very depressed with everything that was going on with her children and not having a place of her own, this resulted in low confidence and being stressed all the time. 

When Janet started working with Another Way they helped her to break things down and take things bit by bit. Janet’s Sacro key worker helped her to fight for her kids and provided support at all the meetings. When it got too much for Janet, her key worker would speak for her. 

The Sacro key worker helped Janet to sort out everything for moving into a new flat and made sure she could still keep in contact with her children. Once Janet was more settled she was helped her to see her local doctor about health issues she was worried about.

Janet has worked with Another Way for over a year, she knows she can ask for help with anything and if they don’t know the answer they will find someone who does. Her Sacro key worker makes sure she doesn't feel judged or stupid. Thanks to Another Way Service and staff, Janet feels more confident and her self-esteem is better than it was. Janet is thinking about going back to college and would like to study Psychology.