Sacro Edinburgh Arrest Referral

Arrest Referral Service helped James to break the cycle of offending

James drank on a daily basis; it was his way of dealing with chronic anxiety and depression. He felt his life was spiraling out of control - he was hopeless and angry, living on benefits, burdened with debts, and he now faced criminal charges for breach of the peace and possession of an offensive weapon.

James accepted an offer of help from Sacro and went through an assessment in the court cells. After his release on bail, he visited his worker. The Sacro worker’s aim was to help James take control of his life and see a positive future that didn't involve alcohol and lawbreaking. James worked with his worker to develop an action plan, James identified his goals and the steps he needed to take to achieve them. They agreed to meet every week. 

James's drink problem was the most significant issue, his Sacro worker referred him to Lothian and Edinburgh Abstinence Programme (LEAP). Once accepted and offered a place, James attended and successfully completed the 12-week programme and he continues to attend Alcoholics Anonymous at least twice per week. 

Sacro also made referrals to a number of other agencies, including Apex, which is helping James explore options for education or training and progress towards employment. James is keen to return to work as soon as he is well enough. He has also worked with a Sacro volunteer who has helped him make constructive use of his free time. 

James was an angry individual, and his Sacro worker has helped him manage his anger through focused work. Their weekly meetings have enabled James to reflect on what was wrong with his life and take stock as he has progressed towards recovery. With support from Arrest Referral, James has made great strides to address his issues, to get out and stay out of the cycle of offending. He has now been abstinent from drinking for ten months.