Sacro Edinburgh Arrest Referral (2)

Arrest Referral supported Raymond to address his drug misuse and move towards rehabilitation. 

Raymond, 30, was funding his illicit drug use mainly by theft and fraud. On average, each day he was injecting about £100 worth of heroin and taking £100 worth of crack cocaine. Raymond began using heroin at 17, the longest he had been drug free since then was three and a half months. 

Raymond was arrested and charged with theft and housebreaking with intent to steal while on bail. He told the Sacro Arrest Referral worker he had no contact with his family as they disapproved of his lifestyle and he had stolen from them on numerous occasions, so he was no longer welcome in their homes.

Raymond was given an eight month prison sentence. In jail he is prescribed 40mls of methadone daily and is expected to remain at this level while in custody and he says he is not using any illicit drugs. His Sacro worker visited him in HMP Edinburgh at Saughton to reassess his situation. Having alienated his family, Raymond was getting no other visitors. With Raymond’s agreement the worker made several referrals: firstly to Phoenix Futures, the agency that supports drug users in Saughton. She also contacted HOPE, an organisation that provides volunteers to visit and befriend prisoners, particularly those without a social network. She then referred Raymond to his local drug agency, NEDAC (North Edinburgh Drug Advice Centre). NEDAC will engage with serving prisoners and continue to support them on release. At that point Raymond will also be entitled to support from Sacro’s Throughcare team. 

Raymond expressed interest in long term rehab, so the Sacro worker contacted the Residential Rehabilitation Referral Team. They are prepared to help Raymond once he has been out of prison for four weeks, provided he is then engaged with a drug agency, stable on 60mls of methadone or less, and has no previous violent offences. Since Raymond should fulfil all these criteria, he has a good chance of getting into rehab after his release.