Sacro Edinburgh Travel Service

The Travel Service helps to support families affected by their relative's prison sentence. 

Susan called the Sacro Travel Service in Edinburgh. She was very distressed as her ex-partner, the father of her two children was in HMP Addiewell. 

She told Sacro staff that her teenage daughter had attempted to kill herself and that her teenage son was getting into trouble at school. Susan thought this behaviour was due to her children not having seen their father since he was incarcerated. She had not been able to visit the children’s father because there was lack of public transport to HMP Addiewell and she was unable to afford the public transport when it was available.

Sacro Travel Service helped her to fill out an Assisted Prison Visits Unit (APVU) form and organised a volunteer driver to transport her and her two children to their visits. She said: 

“I’ve noticed a really big difference with my son. He is getting better. He’s been a lot better at school; he’s really knuckled down since seeing his Dad. I’m really chuffed.  You did a really good thing. The kids are making Sacro a thank you card.”