Sacro Glasgow Community Payback

Community Payback Service provides David a positive way to make amends

David is a young man with a significant offending background and a history of drug and alcohol abuse and serious self-harm. David suffers from depression and has dyslexia. He came to Sacro’s Community Payback Service (CPS) after receiving an 80-hour Community Service Order for Breach of Probation.

David quickly settled into the steady routine offered through his work with the Community Payback Service and Sacro staff noted that his attendance throughout was excellent, often working on his own initiative. David was very courteous and engaged well with staff, often making suggestions as to how work processes could be improved and assisting other placements in his group. During his time with the Community Payback Service he worked on gardening projects and carried out painting and decorating tasks in his local community for people on low income and with disabilities who could otherwise not afford, or were unable to complete the work themselves. David enjoyed this work enormously and showed a keen interest in the different types of task he had been introduced to.

David had not had many opportunities in life but through his interaction with Sacro staff he became interested in following up some of the skills he had been introduced to whilst completing his Community Service Order. Staff discussed this with David at some length and referred him to Sacro’s local Throughcare Service. David has now enrolled with a local college for courses on joinery, plumbing, painting and decorating. He has also shown interest in volunteering with a local social enterprise company who provide low-cost, recycled carpets to communities in Glasgow. He currently remains in contact with Sacro.