Sacro Glasgow Supported Accommodation Service

Supported Accommodation helps a man live an offence free life in the community 

George was released from prison after serving a six-year sentence, however he was unable to return to his old home as his victims were still living in that area. 

George was referred to Sacro for help finding a tenancy. When he was first released George was placed in temporary homeless accommodation provided by housing services. As part of George’s licence he had to be electronically monitored, on the day Sacro staff stayed with George until his electronic tag had been fitted. 

A few months later George was able to move into a tenancy, Sacro staff were able to help him in requesting a furniture package and when applying for benefits. 

16 months after leaving prison George had not re-offended and his tenancy was transferred to a Scottish Secure Tenancy. Sacro staff continued support and monitor for an additional few months before withdrawing support with the agreement of the social work department.