Sacro Moray Supported Accommodation (1)

Sacro Supported Accommodation helped a man finding himself homeless get back on his feet. 

Jason, 41, had been in a relationship for 20 years and had never lived alone. When he lost his job he turned to alcohol and this habit worsened until he was drinking heavily every day. This eventually led to the breakdown of his marriage and his wife asked him to leave the home. Jason went to the Local Authority and said he was homeless, they referred him to Sacro's Supported Accommodation in Moray.

When Jason moved in to Guildry House he had little understanding of how to maintain a home. Sacro staff helped him access benefits which he had not done when he lost his job, as well as searching for employment. His Sacro key worker worked closely with him, offering guidance on how to maintain his flat, to do his laundry and to cook. They worked on budget plans, shopping lists and meals he could cook for one so that he could ensure he had enough food to last him between benefit payments.

Jason was not used to using the internet so he and his key worker went to the library where he learned how to search for jobs online. Staff at the Supported Accommodation Service referred Jason to local resources aiming to help people battling alcohol and drug addiction and supported him to his assessment meeting.

After 7 months Jason was offered his own Council Tenancy. When he moved out he said he was grateful for the help he received from Sacro staff and he is now successfully managing his own tenancy.