Sacro Moray Supported Accommodation (2)

Supported Accommodation helped a women deal with her drug misuse and housing issues. 

Claire, 27, was referred to Moray Supported Accommodation following 9 months in prison. When Claire moved in to Guildry House she wanted to cut back on her heroin use. Sacro staff helped her with this, ensuring she arranged and attended appointments with a Drug and Alcohol worker, and attending with her if she wished. Her key worker kept regular appointments for support with her in which they had long chats about her drug use and the reasons behind this. Claire also used her support sessions to discuss issues she had with relationships and this seemed to be helpful to her.

Claire was very committed to change having been in and out of prison for ten years. Her time in Guildry House was the start of the longest period of her adult life during which she was not imprisoned. Sacro staff helped her to achieve her goal of securing her own tenancy and managing it effectively. She was helped to source new furniture and household items so Claire could make her house in to a home when she was allocated her tenancy. Staff at Guildry House also introduced Claire to her Council Housing Support Worker, allowing this relationship to be built before Claire stopped working with her Supported Accommodation key worker at Sacro.