Sacro Moray Young Person’s Supported Accommodation (2)

Supported Accommodation helps young man facing homelessness due to alcohol problems

James, 19, was asked to leave the family home due to his binge drinking. When under the influence of alcohol James would become aggressive and would also display severe self-harm and his mother could not cope with this. He told his Local Authority he was homeless and they referred him to Sacro's Supported Accomodation Service at Covesea. 

Sacro staff listened to James. It took some time for James to trust his key worker but they continued to work on this and eventually he began to open up. James spoke about things he had not been able to get off his chest before, such as his relationship with his father who was an alcoholic. 

Staff believe this really helped James to look at his own alcohol use and in time he learned to control this. The strict ‘dry house’ policy at Covesea also helped James in controlling his drinking, he knew he would risk his tenancy if he took alcohol in to the building. James found if he wanted to avoid situations where alcohol was involved he could return home, knowing he would be unable to drink here.

James’s key worker also supported him to start engaging with Criminal Justice Social Work and adhere to his Community Payback Order. This was achieved through the key worker supporting him at meetings, arranging for meetings to take place and advocating on his behalf. She also attended court sessions with him, and he felt that he had nobody else that would have done this for him.

James was offered his own tenancy and was nervous about moving on from the supported accommodation. He found the transition hard but his Sacro key worker helped him to source furniture and apply for appropriate grants and other resources to allow him a fresh start. She arranged a meeting and introduced him to the staff from Moray Housing Partnership to allow the transition to run smoothly. James is now successfully managing his own tenancy.