Sacro Perth Supporting Prisoners Advice Network

Supporting Prisoners Advice Network (SPAN) helps Andrew as he leaves prison and returns to the community

Andrew was released from prison on a Home Detention Curfew. Andrew did not have electricity in his flat, which he needed for his electronic tag to go live; if this was not resolved he would have been recalled into custody. His SPAN worker helped for the electricity to go on so Andrew was able to complete his sentence in the community.

Andrew identified areas of support for his support plan; these included to begin a methadone programme and sustain this, re-establishing his relationship with his children and exploring the possibility of gaining custody of them, finding employment and to break the offending cycle. SPAN staff provided support to access drug misuse services and he has now started on a methadone programme. Contact has been made with the appropriate social work department and the decision has been made that if Andrew can maintain a stable lifestyle on his methadone programme he can have contact with his children.

The SPAN worker has supported Andrew where there have been setbacks such as managing large debts and strains on his relationship with his partner and family. The SPAN worker encouraged and reminded Andrew of all he had achieved so far and continued to provide support.

Andrew’s journey since being released from prison has been difficult at times but he is now able to cope and manage challenging situations he is faced with. This ranges from being able to distance himself from others when appropriate to making a telephone call to ask for help.

Andrew has moved onto a more independent and offence free lifestyle, he says:

If it were not for the Supporting Prisoners Advice Network I would be back in prison, the support provided by SPAN has been invaluable