Sacro Women’s Mentoring Service

Women's Mentoring staff and group sessions helped Jodie build her confidence 

Jodie was referred to the Women's Mentoring Service by a social work team. She had a long history of chaotic drug and alcohol misuse and offending. She had two young children living with her, who had been put on the child protection register due to Jodie's behaviour. At the time of referral, the social worker thought this could be Jodie’s last chance to retain custody of her children and wanted Sacro to provide support.

During assessment with Sacro, Jodie spoke about her extreme social isolation and mental health issues. The service worked with her to build self-esteem and overcome her fear of leaving the house. Sacro staff encouraged her to attend women's mentoring group sessions where she enjoyed the company of the other young women and was able to discuss the fear she had of losing her children. She also received encouragement from other service users to continue on a methadone programme. Her self-esteem improved remarkably through producing art work which she was very proud to take home and show her children and her mother.

The Sacro mentor attended a recent child protection core group where, along with other professionals working with the family, they were able to report on Jodie’s progress. Jodie’s children have now been removed from the child protection register and are much happier and secure within the family unit.