Sacro Youth Restorative Justice Service

Sacro helps a young boy make amends for the damage he caused to a property

Sacro received a referral for a young male, aged 12, named Luke who had been charged with culpable & reckless conduct. Luke (along with three others), had thrown bricks against a fence which caused the fence to break. Luke took responsibility for the offence and offered to meet the person harmed to make an apology.

The person harmed, Mrs Jackson, was contacted by Sacro and agreed to meet with Luke. She lived at home with her six-month old baby; she stated she felt frightened in her home as her partner worked away during the week. She said that her partner had to repair the fence on his weekend home and she would have liked him to spend time with the baby. She was angry about the mess, the cost and the fact that it had left her frightened in her own home. She wished to pass this onto Luke.

Sacro prepared Luke for a ‘face to face’ meeting with Mrs Jackson. On the day of the meeting Mrs Jackson phoned to cancel as her baby was unwell. An alternative date was offered however she stated that she would be happy to have a letter of apology from Luke to address the issues that had upset her. 

Sacro helped Luke write a letter of apology stating he was sorry for breaking the fence and he was ashamed and embarrassed about it. He also apologised for making Mrs Jackson and her baby feel unsafe in their home and promised that he would never do anything like it again. Mrs Jackson accepted the letter of apology and told Sacro that if he had learned about the consequences of what he had done and would not do this again to anyone else then she was happy with the outcome.