Developing Restorative Justice in Scotland

13th March 2017 - 4:15pm to 6:30pm

Collins Building
22 Richmond Street
G1 1XQ

In a collaboration between Strathclyde and Edinburgh Universities, in partnership with the Restorative Justice Forum (Scotland), a series of free, public events on developing Restorative Justice in Scotland will be held throughout 2017. The events will be open, constructive dialogues or conversations, running from February to October 2017. The events aim to promote discussion among people with a range of experiences, views and questions, including the critical and sceptical.

Full details of the programme are available from the SUII website.

The launch event is a tea-time meeting on Monday 13 March 2017. The key contributors to this dialogue will be Forum chair, Professor Joanna Shapland, who will review what research is telling us about RJ and its potential implications for Scotland, and Tim Chapman, formerly of the University of Ulster, and chair of the European Forum on Restorative Justice, who will contribute that pan-European perspective on developments in RJ.

Participants will have the opportunity to question the key contributors and there will also be time to exchange views across the room.

Please register on Eventbrite by 6 March.