Conflict Resolution in Aberdeenshire

Written by
Kirk Burton

Sacro are currently running Conflict Resolution workshops at Fraserburgh Academy in Aberdeenshire with third year pupils.

The workshops which are being run by Irene Reid and Libby Dickson are divided into six weekly sessions and are designed to encourage young people to think about conflict and where it arises in their own lives. The young people will then have the opportunity to develop their own conflict resolution skills by considering and discussing different behavioural techniques.

“The conflict resolution workshops come to a conclusion in Fraserburgh this week” says Irene. “The materials have been well received by the pupils and have hopefully encouraged them to think about their responses to conflict situations and the part these responses play in possible escalation of situations.”

Once the workshops in Fraserburgh are completed, Sacro will continue with more Conflict Resolution workshops at Peterhead Academy in Aberdeenshire.

Any schools interested in ordering Conflict Resolution for any of their classes should contact Irene Reid by either calling 01224 560560 or e-mailing