Edinburgh Community Mediation gains fresh insight

Written by
Robert Lambden
Freshsight Project Team handing over their Final Report to members of ECMS

Recently a project team from the voluntary sector organisation Freshsight gave an interesting and well-executed presentation on the results of their research to Edinburgh Community Mediation staff.

During the autumn 2013 semester, a project team from Freshsight carried out research on behalf of Sacro’s Edinburgh Community Mediation Service.  The research looked at both ways to improve the efficiency of the internal process together with how multi-cultural cases could be improved upon.

FreshSight is a voluntary sector organisation that trains students in business consulting skills and places them with charities and non-profit organisations.  A part of the University of Edinburgh, the Freshsight project team carried out interviews with volunteers, referrers and staff producing a final report with recommendations for the service to improve its process and deliverables.

Joan Carter, lead Freshsight contact for ECMS said: “the team provided an intelligent fresh sight and youthful energy and worked well in cooperation with each other and with us”.

A member of the Freshsight team commented "The project was exciting because not only were we able to gain substantial insight into a unique service such as mediation, but we got to know a lot more about the other side to Edinburgh than the average student does while at University."

The project team was mentored by Tom Robbins who said “As general manager of FreshSight, and a mentor to this team, I have been really pleased with how both ECMS and the team of consultants have approached the project. ECMS have been a great client to work with, allowing our student members to gain invaluable insight into how a service such as ECMS operates.”
The ECMS team is meeting before Christmas to review their recommendations and agree an implementation plan.